Fire Rescue Victoria
Turnout kit at a fire station

Our firefighters work with communities across Victoria to promote fire safety.

This helps to prevent emergencies from happening in the first place.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) provides a suite of tailored educational programs that are available across the FRV response area.

Fire Ed for Foundation

A four stage program for children in their first year of primary school.

Fire Ed for Upper Primary

Aimed at Grade 6 and composite Grade 5/6 classes. This program takes place over three stages.

Fire Ed for Special Ed

For students living with disabilities who attend their local Specialist or Primary school.

FLAMES for Secondary School English Language Schools/Centres

A firefighter delivered presentation for secondary aged students studying English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Fire Safety for adult migrants / new arrivals

Learn more about how FRV firefighters work closely to help make all Victorians safer.

Bushfire Education for Schools

A website to support bushfire education for primary and secondary schools

Firelighting Consequence Awareness Program (Fire-CAP)

Learn more about a program for children/young people who partake in fire risk behaviour.

Seniors’ Fire Safety

Learn more about a program to assist active older people to understand and adopt fire safe behaviours around their homes.

Fit to Drive - Road Safety

Learn more about how FRV has joined with other road safety agencies and local communities to reduce road trauma in young people.

Reviewed 09 November 2021

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