Firelighting Consequence Awareness Program (Fire-CAP)

The Firelighting Consequence Awareness Program (Fire-CAP) is a fire safety educational program for children/young people who partake in fire risk behaviour.

Fire risk behaviour can include the lighting of matches or lighters without the approval or supervision of a primary carer (generally there is no intention to start a fire) or the intention to deliberately start a fire, leading to property damage, injury, or loss of life.

The Program is delivered at the young person’s place of residence, free of charge and strictly confidential. Using varying content and approaches according to the age and maturity of the child/young person, the firefighter works closely with the young person and their primary carer to reduce and control their fire risk behaviour.

Enquiries and referrals

To make an enquiry about the Firelighting Consequence Awareness Program or to refer a child or young person to the program, please complete the details below and submit the form by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

In some instances, this fire safety education program may not meet the needs of the child or young person, or they may not be suitable for the program in its current structure. If this is the case, we will seek to work with the child/young person’s carer(s)/ primary carer(s) to improve the fire safety of the home.

If you are unsure if the child/ young person may be suitable for the program, please complete and submit the form; or alternatively contact the Program Coordinator directly on 1300 309 988 or

Refer a child/young person to the Fire-CAP program

Firelighting Consequence Awareness Program (Fire-CAP) Referral Form


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