Seniors' Fire Safety

Seniors are a high risk group due to age related disability, and may be slower to identify or respond to a fire in their home.

FRV has developed the Seniors Fire Safety Program for active seniors to assist older people to understand and adopt fire safe behaviours around their homes. The Seniors Fire Safety Program’s presenters are all retired career firefighters who understand the concerns and lifestyle of their audiences.

Presenters enjoy working with diverse audiences and are experienced in working with interpreters. FRV will book the services of interpreters if required; there is no cost to the community group involved.

Presentations are available to seniors community groups/clubs and other over 50s organisations. Sessions can last from thirty minutes to one hour and are presented in a relaxed social atmosphere.

This program is not suitable for residents in low or high level care facilities, or people with memory loss.

Seniors Fire Safety Program is available free of charge. Please provide at least a month’s notice when booking

For more information, contact FRV Community Resilience Department on:

Ph: (03) 9665 4464

Fax: (03) 8396 9190


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