Fire Rescue Victoria

Fire Rescue Victoria is committed to engaging with multicultural communities across Victoria to promote fire safety and the work of our firefighters.

Multicultural Liaison Officers are employed across all districts to cater for our diverse population and provide a range of services.

FRV's Home Fire Safety BookletExternal Link is available to download in 25 languages.

  • FRV offers home fire safety and fire service familiarisation presentations to adults attending the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) in the FRV District.

    The presentations are tailored for delivery to adult students newly arrived in Australia who study English. Fire safety presentations can be arranged within curriculum objectives and class themes around topics aimed at equipping students for their new environment.

    Students are taught English skills through the study of fire safety and fire safe behaviours. Programs can be delivered in any centre providing English Language programs.

    Key lessons include:

    • Smoke alarm information
    • Home fire escape information
    • Accessing the emergency services (000)
    • Common fire hazards around the home

    Practical work includes:

    • Use of smoke alarms/testing/replacing battery
    • Role plays of 000 emergency phone calls

    Please contact FRV to arrange a fire safety presentation.

  • FRV recognises that community and cultural festivals and events provide important opportunities for FRV firefighters to engage with the community and promote community safety. Requests for FRV participation in community events will always need to be approved by the relevant District Community Safety and Engagement Commander.

    FRV will participate in and support community events that reflect FRV values and priorities that encourage community safety and wellbeing.

    Attendance by operational fire appliances is dependent on availability and resources. FRV District Multicultural and Community Liaison Officers are available to attend events by arrangement.

    Please contact FRV to request FRV attendance at your community event or cultural festival.

  • Community and Cultural groups are able to visit a fire station by prior arrangement.

    All requests for group FRV Fire Station visits will be considered based on the age of the audience, total number attending, alternate activities available and fire safety messages relevant to the age of the visitors.

    Organisers of cultural groups are asked to consider the English language proficiency of their group before booking a station visit. FRV will provide the services of interpreters if requested.

    Please contact FRV to arrange your station visit.

    For further general information please contact the FRV Community Resilience Department on (03) 9665 4464 or

Reviewed 13 October 2021

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