Fire Ed for Foundation

Children and Fire Safety

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) provides a suite of tailored fire safety educational programs for children.

Through the Fire Ed programs, FRV encourages a partnership between local firefighters and primary schools in all FRV districts.

Target Age Group

The Fire Ed for Foundation program is designed for and is only available to children in their first year of school. This is the age at which most children become able to effectively learn and utilise fire safety information when presented within a formal program. The program is not suitable for pre-schoolers.

For information and to request an informal visit from firefighters to a kindergarten or childcare centre go to Early Childhood Settings.

What does Fire Ed for Foundation involve?

The program takes place over four stages that are designed to be implemented over a period of approximately two or three weeks. The four stages of the program are detailed below.

Firefighters, teachers, families and caregivers all have a role in the FRV Fire Ed for Foundation program.

Foundation teachers are encouraged to include their classes in the program by:

1. Requesting the two firefighter visits for their class

2. Confirming two dates with their local firefighters

3. Completing classroom activities prior to and between the firefighter visits.