Fire Ed for Upper Primary

Children and Fire Safety

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) provides a suite of tailored fire safety educational programs for children.

Through the Fire Ed programs, FRV encourages a partnership between local firefighters and primary schools in all FRV districts.

Target age group

The Fire Ed for Upper Primary program is aimed at Grade 6 and composite Grade 5/6 classes.

What does Fire Ed for Upper Primary involve?

The program takes place over three stages that are designed to be implemented over a period of approximately three or four weeks. The three stages of the program are detailed below.

The program could be integrated into a literacy block, a Science or Health & PE unit or used as a standalone unit of work.

Firefighters, teachers, parents and care-givers all have a role in the FRV Fire Ed for Upper Primary program.

Upper Primary teachers are encouraged to include their classes in the program by:

  • requesting the Firefighter Visit for their class,
  • confirming a date with their local firefighters
  • completing Stages One and Two prior to the Firefighter Visit