Fire Ed for Years 1 & 2

Through the Fire Ed programs, FRV encourages a partnership between local firefighters, families and primary schools in all FRV districts.

Parents and caregivers are the first safety educators of children. Schools and teachers also have a crucial role to play.

The Fire Ed for Years 1&2 Unit has been designed to:

  • improve children’s fire safety knowledge and skills
  • facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skill to children’s families
  • reduce the risk children will misuse fire or be harmed by fire,
  • promote respect, knowledge and connectedness with emergency services.

The Fire Ed for Years 1&2 Unit does not include firefighter school incursions. It is designed to be facilitated entirely by classroom teachers.

This unit reinforces and expands on the lessons and messaging of the Fire Ed for Foundation program. There is, however, no requirement for the students to have completed the Fire Ed for Foundation program before undertaking the Years 1&2 Unit.

There are 7 x 20–30 minute lessons within the Unit. It is recommended that all lessons be covered in sequence, but each lesson may be taught separately.