Fire Rescue Victoria
  • FRV employees need to act in a manner that gives the community, customers, Government, clients and business associates confidence they perform public duties without favouritism or bias, or for personal gain.

  • FRV is committed to providing emergency response, fire suppression and prevention services in a way that is safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious, and enables the organisation to continue to work effectively within the community.

    FRV is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its office and firefighting operational activities. More detail is included in the Environment Policy 2019.

    FRV reports on environmental performance externally through its annual reports.

    For further information, please contact FRV and ask to speak to the Environmental Compliance team.

  • Over recent years Victoria’s fire and rescue services have responded to significant weather-related events. FRV recognises that the climate is changing.

    FRV is committed to improving the resilience of our organisation and the community we serve to adapt our response to increasingly frequent and extreme weather events.

  • Requests to FRV for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 must be made in writing.

    Each application must clearly identify the documents sought and include an application fee.

    Please see the Freedom of Information page for more information and costs.

  • FRV’s Protected Disclosure Policy and Procedures are attached below.

    These documents are currently under review and will be updated in the near future.

  • Fire Rescue Victoria’s (FRV) procurement of goods and services adhere to Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) policies and directives established under the Financial Management Act 1994.

    You can find out more information regarding FRV's procurement practices here.External Link

  • FRV fully supports the aims and requirements of the Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic)External Link and is committed to improving gender equality for our employees and in the services we provide to the Victorian community.

    FRV’s Gender Equality Action Plan 2022-2025 (GEAP) will seek to:

    • Develop a strong foundational understanding of equality, equity and inclusion that enables the creation of a psychologically safe, inclusive and respectful workplace
    • Identify and remove barriers, if any, to our systems and processes, enabling equitable access to leave requirements, development opportunities, recruitment and promotion and a reduction in the gender pay gap
    • Breaking down unhelpful gender stereotypes that prevent FRV from being a contemporary fire service that is reflective of, and responsive to, the community it serves

    FRV will provide regular progress reports to the Gender Equality Commissioner on its progress against the Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic) requirements.

    For further information, please contact

Reviewed 06 September 2022

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