People at higher risk

Who is at risk?

The risk of a residential fire, as well as the risk of injury and death from fire, is greater in certain population groups.

These "at-risk groups" are comprised of "individuals unable to receive, understand, or act on information prior to or during an actual emergency" (Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council, 2009).

At-risk groups include:

  • older people
  • the very young (aged 0-4)
  • people with disabilities
  • People in homes affected by hoarding
  • People in homes with no working smoke alarm
  • people who experience social and financial disadvantage
  • People who smoke.

For these individuals, fire risk may be one component in a broader range of risks which impact their safety, health, and wellbeing. Due to demographic and social factors, at-risk groups represent a growing proportion of the population in Victoria.

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