Early morning Hazmat incident in Clifton Hill

Saturday, 19 December 2020 at 8:21 pm

Firefighters responded to a Hazmat incident at a service station in Clifton Hill early on Sunday morning.

Approximately 28 firefighters were called to the site on Hoddle Street just before 4:50am, after several customers complained of a strong bleach-like odour.

Crews arrived on scene in six minutes and quickly set up an exclusion zone, and began investigating the source.

FRV’s specialist Hazmat unit and an FRV Scientific Advisor responded to the incident, and identified a nearby factory as the possible source.

The odour dissipated and the scene was declared under control within 15 minutes.

FRV crews will remain on scene to ensure it is safe.

Victoria Police worked alongside FRV crews at the scene to evacuate nearby businesses.