Fire Ops 101

Fire Ops 101 invites participants to experience a day of realistic simulated firefighting operations.

Fire Ops 101 immerses participants in the time critical, highly technical and skilled work of an FRV firefighter.

Fire Ops 101 gives participants a taste of what FRV firefighters do daily and helps attendees understand the challenges firefighters face in combating incidents. It highlights the importance of staffing, training, equipment, response times, as well as the physical and mental strength that firefighters must possess.

This experience allows participants to wear protective firefighter clothing and experience what FRV firefighters do to keep communities and property safe.

Fire Ops 101 is done in a safe and controlled environment

All participants will be supplied with a preparation package prior to the scheduled day. The preparation package includes information on what to expect and items to bring on the day.

The program is safe and participants are guided by an experienced firefighter every step of the way. They are not expected to do anything they are not comfortable with.


To view all program graduates and testimonials, visit our Fire Ops 101 Alumni page.

Example activities

Fire Ops 101 is an invite-only program designed for politicians, senior public officials, business leaders and FRV stakeholders to learn what it's like to be a firefighter and better understand the resources, equipment and training we need to keep communities safe. For enquiries email

Due to the physical nature of the program, participants should eat a balanced breakfast and drink plenty of water prior to arriving. They should turn up in casual and comfortable attire. Shower facilities and lunch are all provided.