Fire services reform implementation plan

The 2017 Fire Services Statement articulated the Victorian Government’s vision for the reform of the state’s fire and rescue services – a modern, integrated and sustainable system that keeps Victorians safe.

The Victorian Government has released its Year Two to Five Fire Services Reform Implementation Plan, which outlines its commitment to the Fire Services Statement and a shared course of action.

The plan details actions across five priority areas:

  • strengthen CFA as a volunteer firefighting agency
  • strengthen FRV as a career firefighting agency
  • plan and build for the future
  • value our firefighters (career and volunteer)
  • ensure the sustainability of the fire and rescue services.

Fire Services Implementation Monitor Quarterly Reports

The Fire Services Implementation Monitor (FSIM) is required to prepare and publish a quarterly report under s141 of the Fire Rescue Victoria Act 1958.

The quarterly report is developed from information and data provided by Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) against the performance measures set out in each of their Outcomes Frameworks.

The reports are published by the Department of Justice and Community Safety (DJCS) on Fire Services Reform | Victorian Government (