Firefighters contain chemical fire at Wantirna South bank

Saturday, 3 July 2021 at 10:02 pm

More than 30 FRV firefighters contained a complex chemical fire at a bank in Wantirna South in the early hours of Sunday morning.

An automatic fire alarm sounded at 3.45am and firefighters arrived at the Lewis Road scene within six minutes.

Upon arrival, crews found a fire in the basement battery room of the premise, and immediately escalated the response.

Wearing breathing apparatus, crews entered the room of the fire and attacked it.

The fire was producing chemical gasses and a considerable amount of smoke, which added additional challenges to firefighting efforts.

FRV’s specialist hazmat technicians and scientific advisors attended the scene to advise and assist with the response, and help knock down the fire safely.

Firefighters brought the fire under control shortly after 4.20am.

Crews remained on scene for a further two and half hours, working with an electrical company and water company to make the scene safe.

FRV firefighters were assisted by CFA.