FRV crews contain gas leak from ship at West Melbourne

Tuesday, 19 March 2024 at 12:46 am

At 8.37pm on Monday, FRV Crews responded to a reported chemical leak at Appleton Dock in West Melbourne.

A 40-foot container was being loaded onto a ship when it started venting gas.

The container had 16 tonnes of argon gas inside.

Crews boarded the ship with breathing apparatus to conduct air monitoring.

The ship’s crew members were evacuated.

FRV utilised workers form the port to move the container to the dock for inspection.

FRV's Scientific Officer was on the scene.

Firefighters with breathing apparatus worked to contain the leak.

Victoria Police officers and Ambulance Victoria paramedics were on scene, providing support to FRV, shipping crews and dock workers.

FRV deemed the incident Under control at 12.53am on Tuesday.