FRV firefighters respond to factory fire in Moorabbin 

Saturday, 8 April 2023 at 10:42 pm


FRV firefighters responded to a factory fire in Moorabbin following multiple calls to Triple Zero (000) shortly after 7am this morning.

Firefighters were on scene in just over 6 minutes. 

The fire had taken hold in the single storey factory workshop and through the roof space.

The caravan workshop, which is 150 metres by 150 meters with brick and steel walls and a steel and tin roof, was fully alight. 

The fire was brought under control at 8.55am. 

More than 60 firefighters attacked the fire, with 22 FRV appliances and two FRV specialist ladder appliances on scene. 

A community watch and act notification to stay indoors was issued due to low thick smoke travelling in a northerly direction.

Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria also attended the incident. 

FRV specialist investigators are on scene this afternoon to determine the cause of the fire.

Other FRV fireghters also remain on scene to ensure any spot fires are extinguished and to undertake fire duties.