Fire Rescue Victoria

Hazmat spill at airport under control

Approximately 40 firefighters were despatched to a Hazmat incident on Francis Briggs Drive at an airport in Tullamarine at 9:08am this morning.

Sunday 14 March 2021 12:12am

Arriving within six minutes firefighters wearing Breathing Apparatus quickly worked to identify and contain the potentially flammable liquid spill and prevent it from catching fire. FRV's Scientific Advisor was also deployed to assist.

Specialist appliances including a Hazardous Materials truck worked carefully for over an hour performing chemical detection tests and ensured the area was evacuated and cordoned off.

Once safe to do so firefighters entered the area to inspect the pallet with detection equipment not picking up any readings of flammable liquids or substances.The scene was brought under control at 10:40am.

FRV was also supported by the Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police, EPA, Worksafe and Ambulance Victoria Paramedics.

It is believed a pallet falling off the back of a truck caused the spill.

Reviewed 23 June 2021

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