High Angle Rescue Team despatched to Melbourne CBD

Approximately 40 firefighters including a High Angle Rescue Team (HART) have responded to Lonsdale Street in the Melbourne CBD this afternoon at 1:30pm.

Sunday, 14 March 2021 at 4:06 am

Arriving within five minutes FRV crews found 5m of loose flashing threatening to detach itself from the 20th storey of a building and threaten pedestrians and road users underneath.

Following this analysis FRV’s specialist HART team was called in to treat the loose flashing safely.

After setting up their safety systems Specialist Rope Rescue firefighters lowered the operators down the face of the building to remove the loose flashing hanging from the roof area.

The incident was brought under control in 11 minutes. 

FRV was supported by Victoria police who provided traffic control and a safety perimeter for passers by underneath.