Home Fire Escape Plan and Triple Zero (000)

A fire in your home can be devastating, even fatal. Once a fire starts it can spread rapidly putting you and those you live with at risk.

Every household should have a home fire escape plan. Practise it regularly.

  • Know the quickest, safest way to escape from every room
  • Agree on a safe place to meet outside
  • Make sure your street number is visible so emergency services can find you quickly
  • Keep your exits clear
  • Always leave keys in locked doors and security screens when you are inside
  • If you live or stay in a high-rise building
    • know where the fire exits and stairwells are.
    • know the evacuation procedures for the building
    • High Rise Fire Safety
  • Write and/or draw your home fire escape plan and practice it with all the people you live with
Home Fire Escape Plan Template
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For more information specific to people at higher risk, please click here.