Joint statement from EPA and FRV regarding a recent media report

Friday, 29 January 2021 at 9:58 am

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) and Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) work collaboratively to ensure community safety.  

FRV believes EPA met its obligations with regard to information it shared about the site. 

EPA shares information with emergency services and other agencies on an ongoing basis.

The two agencies will continue to work closely to ensure that our Victorian communities remain well protected.


  • An enhanced emergency response and turn out note was placed on the site in line with the increased risk initially identified by EPA in August 2019.
  • This enhanced emergency response and turn out note was conveyed to operational Commanders and firefighters.
  • The verbal update provided to the Resource Recovery Facility Audit Taskforce Interagency Working Group by EPA in June 2020, noted that there were ongoing non-compliance issues at the site and no change to the material risk.
  • Firefighters were advised of large quantities of e-waste at the site via information provided in a turn out note while responding to the fire
  • The enhanced emergency response and turn out note remained current and ensured FRV was able to reduce the impact for the community and firefighters when a fire did occur at the premises in August 2020.