Joint statement from the Fire Rescue Commissioner Ken Block and CFA Acting Chief Officer Garry Cook regarding grassfire response

Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 3:25 am

Recent media reports that discuss FRV’s capacity to respond to grassfires on the urban fringe this summer with the CFA are inaccurate - Victorians will continue to receive the fire and rescue response they always have.

The number of bushfire tankers across Victoria has not changed as a result of the reforms.

In addition, FRV and CFA can request resourcing and support from each other as and when required.

FRV has a fleet of Pumper Tanker appliances that can enter paddocks when it is safe to do so and pump water onto a grass fire while they are in motion. FRV Pumper Tankers also have burn over protection capability to keep firefighters safe when responding to grass fires.

FRV’s fleet of Pumper Tankers can be deployed and positioned across Victoria based on operational need, and to provide continuous emergency coverage across FRV’s district. In addition, FRV firefighters are trained in wildfire response and have wildfire PPE and PPC.

CFA’s volunteer firefighters are highly skilled and trained to respond to emergencies in their communities, including grass fires within urban communities and on urban fringes, as they have always done.

CFA and FRV are continuing to work together to ensure that the Victorian community will continue to receive the best fire and rescue response, wherever they live.

Community and firefighter safety is our highest priority and Victorians should be in no doubt that they are well protected this summer.