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Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) operates under the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) supply policy framework.

This framework assists Victorian public servants (VPS) to develop procurement strategies that deliver more interactive engagement with the market for goods & services through productivity improvement and value for money. The framework is underpinned by high standards of probity, accountability and flexibility.

  • FRV's procurement policy is based on VGPB policies, adapted specifically for use in FRV. This policy has been developed to support the procurement framework in matters such as:

    • Governance: Procurement processes are embedded across the organisation and aligned with business planning. More emphasis is placed on strategic planning and transparency to provide a consistent approach to the market and better value-for-money procurement decisions.
    • Complexity and capability assessment: Procurement can only proceed when FRV determines it has the necessary capability to meet the complexity of the procurement activity.
    • Market analysis and review: Market analysis determines the capacity of the market to supply and the opportunities for market-based solutions. A review of requirements and processes based on market analysis determines the most appropriate path to market.
    • Market approach: Applying a structured, measured approach to informing, evaluating and negotiating with suppliers.
    • Contract management and contract disclosure: Contract management is escalated to a high-level consideration early in the planning process to arrive at an integrated end-to-end procurement strategy.
  • FRV will ensure that all procurement continues to meet the following directives:

    • Value for money: A balance of financial and non-financial outcomes, taking into account the mix of quality, cost and resources; fit for purpose; total cost of ownership; and risk.
    • Accountability: The Accountable Officer can conduct procurement activities to deliver value-for-money outcomes.
    • Probity: High standards of behaviour and actions in the conduct of procurement processes, including equity, confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and consumer / supplier confidence in the integrity of government procurement processes.
    • Scalability: The relationship between the complexity of a procurement project and the capability of the organisation to conduct it to achieve a good procurement outcome.

    All procurement undertaken by FRV will be in line with the above policies and directives.

  • FRV’s annual Procurement Activity Plan is prepared as per the Victorian Government Purchasing Board’s policy framework to aid and inform our suppliers.

    This table represents FRV’s Procurement Activity Plan. The plan will be reviewed annually and updated as required.

    All FRV planned procurements are subject to revision or cancellation. The information in the procurement plan is provided for planning purposes only. The procurement plan does not represent a solicitation or constitute a request for proposal, nor is it a commitment by FRV to purchase the described goods or services. FRV will manage unsolicited bids in accordance with its procurement framework policies and procedures.

  • The Modern Slavery Act 2018 came into force on 1 January 2019.

    This Act requires entities based or operating in Australia, which have an annual consolidated revenue of more than $100 million, to report annually on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, and actions to address those risks.

    Other entities based, or operating, in Australia may report voluntarily.

  • FRV may be approached by the market with an unsolicited proposal. This is an approach by a person or business with an offer for FRV outside of any formal approach to the market by FRV for the supply of specific goods or services. Unsolicited proposals will be forwarded to the Manager Procurement. The proposal will be registered and forwarded to the relevant business unit(s) for assessment.

  • The department places a high level of importance on the way it conducts procurement processes and how it interacts with the market. Complaints will be handled in a consistent, fair, and transparent manner in accordance with the following process:

    Making a procurement related complaint

    A complaint relating to a procurement activity should be made in writing (letter or email to FRV’s accountable officer or to the Manager Procurement.

    If you have a complaint or concern relating to a procurement process you have encountered and wish to lodge a complaint about the process you should outline:

    • Date you encountered the concern
    • Details of the concern
    • Other relevant information/supporting details if available

    Compliant letter to be sent to accountable office or the Manager Procurement via:


    Letter: FRV Manager Procurement

    Level 4, 215 Spring Street,

    Melbourne 3000

    Complaint investigation process

    Within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint the Manager Procurement will:

    • FRV will acknowledge receipt of the complaint.
    • Acknowledgement will indicate the below details:
      • Contact person
      • Process to be taken by FRV
      • Approximate timeframe to address the matter
    • assign an investigation manager to investigate the Complaint
    • record your compliant to FRV’s compliant register.

    An extension of time may be required if additional information is needed, or the services of external parties are needed to advise on the Complaint. Any extension will be based on the number of working days between the request for and receipt of additional information and/or advice sought.

    Within 20 working days of receipt of your complaint the designated investigation manager will:

    • investigate the complaint
    • provide a written response containing to the complainant of the findings and whether any further action will be taken by FRV.

    Complaint outcome

    Once FRV has responded to you with a written complaint outcome, the department will record the outcome in the complaints register.

    If you disagree with the outcome of your complaint, you may refer the complaint to the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) for review within 5 working days of the unsatisfactory complaint management outcome by FRV.

    All complaints submitted to the Manager Procurement will be reported annually to the VGPB for publication in the VGPB Annual Report.

    The below PDF provides a diagram of the complaints management framework:

Reviewed 26 August 2022

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