Smoke alarms

Only working smoke alarms save lives.

Fires are fast. A small fire can spread to an entire room in minutes.

Without a smoke alarm a fire is more likely to damage or destroy your property. It is also more likely to cause serious injury or death. When you are asleep you lose your sense of smell. A working smoke alarm will wake you if there is smoke.

You've updated your bedrooms with the latest tech and furniture, but have you considered that the most important item is a smoke alarm?

Some people think the smoke alarm outside their bedroom is enough to alert them to fire. Research has revealed that when a fire starts in a bedroom with doors closed, the smoke alarm outside the bedroom will not activate.

Install smoke alarms in every bedroom and living area!

You can learn more through our smoke alarms brochure. Copies of this brochure in 21 languages other than English are available in the 'resources in languages other than English' tab.

Smoke Alarm Brochure
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