Smoke warning issued for Hawthorn house fire

The community has been asked to avoid Narveno Court and Berkeley Street in Hawthorn where a house fire is ongoing

Saturday, 6 November 2021 at 2:54 am

Approximately 36 firefighters are on scene working to contain the blaze to the multi storey home after arriving to find smoke issuing from an upstairs bedroom. 

Crew then quickly entered the home looking for occupants and placed one person into the care of Ambulance Victoria paramedics.

Firefighters are managing to contain the fire to the one premesis which has suffered significant structural damage and will remain on scene for some time.

Six Pumpers, one Resue unit and a Teleboom are being supported by three specialist and support vehicles.

A smoke warning has been issued with the community advised to avoid the area if possible.


As of 2:06pm crews have managed to bring the incident under control.