Specialist Hazmat crews on scene in Campbellfield

Monday, 10 May 2021 at 3:16 am

Approximately 55 firefighters, including specialist crews, responded to a Hazmat incident in Campbellfield on Monday morning.

FRV crews were called to the Nathan Drive incident just after 10:30am, after several callers to Triple Zero (000) reported white fog coming from a factory.

Crews arrived on scene in four minutes to find a chemical reaction had occurred inside the factory.

Wearing breathing apparatus, they evacuated people in the nearby area.

Firefighters escalated the response and specialist FRV crews, including scientific officers, aerial support units and Hazmat crews were responded to the scene.

Crews worked to put a dry agent on top of the chemical to prevent it reacting further with moisture in the air.

The incident was brought under control in just under two hours.

FRV will be on scene for several more hours to ensure the scene is safe.

FRV firefighters are working with a number of agencies including EPA, Worksafe, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria on scene.

Update 5:21pm:

Specialist Hazmat crews remain on scene at Campbellfield, and are working to remove the chemical which caused the reaction from the factory. 

FRV crews are expected to be on scene into the evening to ensure it is safe. 

Update 7:31pm:

Specialist Hazmat crews have removed all remnants of the chemical which caused the reaction from the factory and the site has been confirmed as safe. FRV are now leaving the scene.