Specialist Hazmat crews on scene in Tullamarine

Saturday, 8 January 2022 at 8:07 am

More than 20 firefighters responded to a Hazmat incident in Tullamarine on Saturday morning.

FRV crews, including specialist Hazmat crews, were called to the incident on Melrose drive at about 11:15am after a caller to Triple Zero (000) reported a strong smell and loud bangs.

Firefighters and Hazmat crews arrived on scene to find an open shipping container with barrels of dry acid and liquid chlorine had combined, causing a chemical reaction.

Wearing breathing apparatus, FRV crews entered the container and monitored the levels of chlorine as they commenced the process of flushing the chemicals, until they could confirm a reading of zero for chlorine.

FRV remained on scene to assess if further treatment was needed. The incident was confirmed safe and under control at 12:15pm.

FRV firefighters worked with a number of agencies at the scene, including Worksafe, Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria.