Swift response to rooftop fire on Queen Street

Tuesday, 15 December 2020 at 7:57 am

FRV crews were quick to the scene of a building fire on Queen Street in Melbourne just before 5pm on Tuesday evening.  

Firefighters responded following multiple triple zero (000) calls, reporting a fire on the roof of a nine storey building.

Crews were on scene within four minutes, and the response was quickly escalated.

Wearing breathing apparatus to protect them from the smoke, crews entered the building and headed to the roof top garden area, and commenced an aggressive attack on the fire.

Their efforts ensured the fire was brought under control in approximately half an hour.

Thankfully there were minimal occupants in the building when the fire broke out, and all evacuated safely.

There were no reports of injuries to the community or to responding firefighters.

The fire caused significant damage to a rooftop garden and furniture.

FRV issued a community advice message as there was a lot of smoke in the area.

Nearby residents were advised to stay indoors, close doors and windows and keep the roads clear for emergency services.

Firefighters remain on scene checking each floor of the building for fire extension and to ensure the fire has been completely extinguished.

FRV’s specialist Fire investigation unit will attend the scene on Wednesday to determine a cause.


UPDATE as of 3am Wednesday 16 December: 

Firefighters responded to Queen Street in Melbourne’s CBD at around midnight following a call made to triple zero (000) regarding an orange glow coming from the rooftop of a building where a fire occurred on Tuesday evening.

Firefighters were on scene in less than five minutes and commenced investigating the rooftop on the ninth storey.

They located a small mulch fire in a garden bed on the rooftop that was quickly extinguished.

Firefighters declared the fire under control just before 12:40am.  

Crews pulled the garden bed apart and commenced wetting it down to ensure the fire had been completely extinguished.  

Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras over the rooftop to ensure there were no remaining hot spots.

FRV’s specialist Fire Investigation Unit will attend the incident on Wednesday morning to continue to analyse the cause of the fire.  

Five firefighting units and a Commander were responded to the incident as a precaution and crews remained on scene until just before 3am.