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Whether they’re in small coastal town or near a big city, caravan parks are an iconic part of the Australian landscape. Right across Victoria, they provide short-term and long-term accommodation in self-contained cabins, powered sites and tent site for campers. They also provide residential villages for permanent living, which offer a strong sense of community.

The purposes and needs of caravan parks vary greatly across the state – and therefore, so too do the fire safety risks and resources.

Application for a caravan park inspection

  • This guide aims to reduce the likelihood and consequence of fire within a caravan park.

    The latest edition of the guideline addresses ongoing needs within those communities, including stakeholders, to form a flexible and practical fire safety resource.

    It includes information to make site specific fire safety improvements in parks, and additional guidance on topics like maintenance of fire safety systems.

    Fire Rescue Victoria (and the Country Fire Authority) recognise that what works for one caravan park operator may not work for another, and this guideline has been developed with flexibility in mind.

    It is important that all those with responsibilities in owning, managing and operating caravan parks – large or small – are fully aware of and understand, their responsibilities and obligations in understanding fire safety within caravan parks.

    Aside from the obvious community safety imperatives, having a well-considered fire safety plan is a good risk-management business decision. We encourage owners and operators to consider the information in this guideline and work together to maintain and develop their fire safety strategies.

  • The application for inspection of caravan park form enables a caravan park owner to meet his or her statutory responsibility when registering a caravan park or renewing registration of an existing caravan park with the relevant council.

Reviewed 30 June 2022

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