Transporting and storing high consequence goods

The High Consequence Transport (T:RAMSR) project encompasses situations where there is a potential high consequence life risk and/or chronic health consequence for the community or emergency responders.

The project includes all types of transport networks (including road, aviation, maritime and rail) and any storage of transportable goods or packages.

It also includes situations which may have potential impacts and major consequences in relation to property, environment, economy, security, critical infrastructure, community infrastructure, cultural heritage, industry continuity, the state’s resources or the state’s reputation.

We aim to:

  • reduce risk within all modalities of the transport environment and associated networks and infrastructure
  • advocate for legislative, regulatory and policy reform
  • develop resources, capabilities and safe-work practices in order to respond, contain and mitigate moderate to large scale incidents across all modalities
  • engage key stakeholders including government, agencies, industry and relevant authorities to minimise the potential for human error or non-compliance to contribute to avoidable consequence
  • develop high-level vigilance capability to forewarn and prepare for new and emerging transportation risks, and
  • maintain and improve FRV’s expertise across all relevant areas of T:RAMSR.