Plan and Prepare

Bush and grassfires can happen in rural, regional and urban areas. These fires are dangerous and can travel very fast. Grassfires can be just as dangerous as bushfires.

Many Victorians live, work and travel close to or within bushland, parks, reserves, open grasslands, paddocks or coastal scrub.

Victorians should:

  • be aware of their level of risk
  • prepare their property
  • know what to expect if a bush or grassfire starts
  • plan and know what to do if a bush or grassfire starts

To better understand your level of risk and the different types of fire risk environments go to: Am I at Risk? | CFA

For further advice specific to your local area got to: Your Local Area - Info and Advice | CFA

You can create a personalised fire plan by using the Victorian Government's Online Fire Planner tool.

Bush and grassfires