Smoking and ceremonial fires safety

Ceremonial fires and smoking ceremonies must meet the requirements outlined in Section 40 of the Country Fire Authority (CFA) Act 1958.

On a Total Fire Ban day, you may be able to light a fire in special circumstances. You can apply for a fire permit by visiting the Fire Permits Victoria website, or by contacting FRV.

When it is not a Total Fire Ban day, your activity must comply with municipal by-laws.

Contact your local council to find out more.

During all ceremonial fires and smoking ceremonies in open air you should:

  • Always keep three metres of clear area around the fire.
  • Only use natural dry wood.
  • Never use petrol or other chemicals to light a fire.
  • Do not put items such as plastic or glass into a fire.
  • Supervise a fire at all times, don’t walk away.
  • Always supervise children around fires.
  • Extinguish wood fires with water.
  • Ensure a fire is cold before leaving.