False alarms

A false alarm occurs when FRV attends an incident to find there is no emergency and no need for fire fighting or other expertise.

It is important to reduce preventable false alarms as they impact on emergency service delivery and business resources through:

  • Unwanted and unnecessary calls increasing the risk of accident and injury to firefighters and the general public as firefighters will treat every incident as an emergency.
  • Response times to real emergencies can be delayed through attendance at false alarms.
  • Congestion to the Triple Zero (000) emergency call service.
  • Complacency to alarms when there is a real emergency.
  • Businesses can be charged for false alarms when there is no reasonable excuse.
  • Inefficient alarms can result in additional maintenance costs.
  • Disruption to business activities can lead to a loss of productivity.

As a minimum requirement, an automatic fire alarm system should be designed, installed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards.

In order to avoid being charged for false alarms businesses need to be vigilant with assessment, maintenance, and management of alarm systems.

Please note that minimum requirements are not necessarily sufficient to reduce preventable false alarms and additional measures and maintenance are often required.

For enquiries regarding false alarms please contact: alarmassessmentenquiries@frv.vic.gov.au